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3M™ Hookit™ Abrasive Disc 266L

Micron graded aluminium oxide resin bonded to a 3ml backing. Closed coat abrasive surface is coated with a dry lubricant to resist loading. Discs have loop backing for attachment to hook faced back-up pads. Easy to re-use. Applications: Acrylic window frames and panes, GRP, solid surface finishing, paint and lacquer, aluminium. Fast cutting abrasive provides precise, consistent and close tolerance finishes. Available in a range precise micron grades to meet specific needs. Recommended to be used dry to take advantage of Fre-Cut Anti Loading Coating.

Applications: Refine scratches and surface defects in preparation for final buffing of acrylic window frames and panes, GRP, solid surfaces. Materials: Plastics, paint, aluminium, fibreglass, lacquers

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Features Fre Cut Anti Loading Coating
Dry Lubricant
Mineral Aluminium Oxide
Backing 3mil Polyester Film
Coating Closed
Bond Resin
Attachment Hookit
Grade Range 9 Micron - 100 Micron
Part Number Item Description ColourGrit GradeDimensionHole Layout
00071 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow100µ125mmPlain
00069 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow60µ125mmPlain
00067 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow40µ125mmPlain
00066 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow30µ125mmPlain
00064 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow15µ125mmPlain
00083 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow100µ125mm500A
00081 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow60µ125mm500A
00079 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow40µ125mm500A
00078 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow30µ125mm500A
00076 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow15µ125mm500A
00075 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow125mm500A
00130 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow100µ150mm600A
00131 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow60µ150mm600A
00133 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow40µ150mm600A
00134 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow30µ150mm600A
00136 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow15µ150mm600A
00138 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow150mm600A
00044 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow100µ150mmPlain
00045 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow60µ150mmPlain
00047 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow40µ150mmPlain
00048 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow30µ150mmPlain
00050 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow15µ150mmPlain
00094 Hookit™ Disc 266L Yellow150mmPlain

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