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3M Cubitron ll Abrasives

3M is revolutionising the world of bonded abrasives.3M bonded abrasive wheels are “Born to Grind”If you could...
  • lower your manufacturing costs
  • increase part throughput
  • reduce the cost of your abrasives
  • improve your productivity would truly revolutionise the way you work.

That's what 3M™ Cubitron™ II industrial abrasives do. Compared to conventional abrasives, the difference is clear. Cubitron™ II Abrasives:

  • Cut faster
  • Last longer
  • Require less pressure for easier use

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Cubitron™ II bonded abrasive wheels bring the best of 3M precision-shaped grain technology to the toughest jobs like bevelling, scale removal, and weld levelling. These cool-cutting wheels can remove the same amount of material with less pressure required, making them easier to use.

  • Good for your workers,
  • Good for your business.